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  • Hot Mixed Asphalt Calculate Tonnage Hot Mixed Asphalt

    (Commonly abbreviated as HMAC or HMA) is produced by heating the asphalt binder to decrease its viscosity, and drying the aggregate to remove moisture from it prior to mixing. Mixing is generally performed with the aggregate at about 300°F for unmodified asphalt and 330°F for polymer modified asphalt. Paving and compaction must be performed while the asphalt is sufficiently hot.

  • Limestone Base Calculate Tonnage Limestone Base

    Crushed rock with the size ranging from 1.5” down to the fines. Used for constructing driveways, roads, parking lots and as a foundation under hotmix. Harder and more durable than local materials. Meets TxDOT’s specifications for construction use.

  • SB 2 Granite Base Calculate Tonnage SB2 Granite Base

    Similar to limestone base; SB2 is derived from Granite rock. Its characteristics include; less susceptible to tracking, harder and less dusty than Limestone.

  • Rip Rap Rip Rap

    Broken stone ranging in size from 5 inches to 24 inches. Used for erosion control and also decoration.

  • Crushed Stone Crushed Stone

    Broken stone ranging in size from 1/4th of in inch to 3 inches depending on your needs. Mainly used as an ingredient in hotmix and concrete.

  • Agricultural Lime Agricultural Lime

    Pulverized limestone or chalk. The active component is calcium carbonate. Used to increase the pH of acidic soil. It provides a source of calcium for plants and permits improved water penetration.

  • Hot Mix Cold Laid Asphalt Calculate Tonnage Hot Mixed Asphalt

    Hot Mix Cold-Laid asphalt mixture is a material that is similar to regular Hot mix but is made with a different oil that allows it to be workable from a stockpile. It can be stockpiled for a couple of months. It is generally used as a blade-on/level-up material, or as a base failure repair material and not as a pothole repair material. (except when necessary)

  • Cement Stabilized Base Material

    Limestone base that has been mixed with powdered cement and water to form an extremely hard and durable foundation for roads, highways and building sites.

  • Pea Gravel Pea Gravel

    Round gravel rock used for landscaping and under sewer lines. It allows water to permeate through it.

  • Super Patch Super Patch

    Super Patch is a high performance, fast and very durable pothole patching material that meets the specification for TxDOT.

    It can be applied to a wet pothole and also concrete repairs. No curing time or tack coat is needed and can handle traffic immediately upon compaction.